So Long 2020, and Thanks For All The Dead Fish! (IWSG)
Posted on January 6, 2021

Seriously, what's up with all the dead fish in the Hudson river?!? This started in the summer and is still going. I guess it's just another one of 2020's little nuances, just like, you know, the worldwide pandemic! Very funny 2020. I think it's time for you to go. Now... be out!

This wasn't the only ominous natural disaster of 2020. Let's not forget the record-breaking wildfires, the murder hornets (whatever happened to them?) and other craziness. And, of course, the pandemic that's decided to continue into 2021. 

2020 has been one of those years that can be erased from memory. But, alas, we have to learn to laugh and move on. If we can. I know there have been some people who have suffered, and to you guys I give you virtual hugs and condolences. There is no diminishing your pain. 

Laughter is good psychological and physical medicine. It heals the soul and lifts spirits. Just do a quick search on the benefits of laughing and you'll find loads of articles on the subject. Smiling, laughing, and helping others. Those are just a few things that can heal a broken soul. It helped me when my heart broke two years ago. Give yourselves some love, forgiveness, and time...   

So just for some giggles, I'll share what I posted in a Facebook group when a user posted the following meme and asked for responses. 

Can you imagine living 2020 over again? Well, maybe... if I could be Phil. (Bill Murray's character, not the groundhog) If I was able to live 2020 again, I would stock up on toilet paper and paper towels early. We came dangerously close to being without. And get my home workout gear setup early too. You couldn't find a 5-lbs weight on Amazon for less than $50 back in April!

So, as the saying goes, when you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up (or something like that). 2020 was like the bottom of a yucky barrel filled with nasty, pasty muck. 2021 is our chance to dig our way out of it. When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do...

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  1. Phil the groundhog gets to live with his family in a library. Frankly, the groundhog is doing better than a lot of people were in 2020. Ha ha ha. But yeah, I'm glad that year is over and certainly hope 2021 will be better. And you've got singing dolphins stuck in my head now.

    1. Doh! Totally forgot to add a picture of dolphins!!!!

  2. I am glad 2020 is over. I hope 2021 will be kinder to us!

  3. I love your optimism. I felt that way too -- until January 6th. That combo of politics and pandemic has me struggling to find a way to laugh. Until I read your post. OK I giggled a little. Thank you, and truly, may 2021 be better for us all!

    1. I used to be obsessed with news, but I stopped watching the news daily this past November. Now I just catch a summary at the end of the week. My husband will tell me if there is anything monumental to watch for. But even with the events of this past week, I watched news maybe 1 day and that was enough. There is too much opinion masking as news. The less news I watch (because now it's all political) the happier I am and the more sleep I get. I recommend it to everyone...


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