A Little Christmas Bribe
Posted on December 4, 2012
Dear Santa,

Two years ago Little Jimmy was throwing tantrums, spitting out food into daddy’s face, and pulling on mommy’s hair, and he got a giant train set with a tooting whistle and a conductor’s hat. I am pretty sure he didn't even ask for it, since he could not write, but it was a pretty cool gift. I asked you for a kitchen set, you know, the one with a stove and a sink so I can pretend to be a chef inside my own kitchen. You gave me a set of tea cups and plastic food. I didn't pull on mommy’s hair, not once.

Last year Little Jimmy pulled down our Christmas tree and destroyed some of grandma’s old crystal ornaments. She was pretty upset; cried about the figurines being in her family for years. Little Jimmy got a giant rocking horse with thick, padded seating made for little bottoms. I wasn't allowed to sit on it; mommy said it wasn't made for a six-year-old. Since Little Jimmy didn't learn to write until this past summer, I am certain he didn't ask you for the horse, but it was a pretty cool gift. I asked you for the complete set of Disney fairy dolls with the colorful dresses and rainbow fairy wings. You sent me a Barbie doll with angel wings, and just one. I didn't destroy any Christmas decorations or any of grandma’s precious figurines, and she has a lot of them all over the house.

This year, I would like a bicycle, but not just any bicycle. I want a Huffy 20-inch Girl So Sweet Bike in Pink with tassels spilling out the handle bars. Don’t forget the training wheels. Although Little Jimmy already has two small bicycles, which he doesn't use, this will be my first.

So here’s the deal, Santa - I have been good for a long, long time and I believe I deserve exactly what I want. If I don’t get the Huffy 20-inch Girl So Sweet Bike in Pink with tassels and training wheels, then I am going to pull on mommy’s hair, throw food in daddy’s face, pull down Christmas ornaments, and break grandma’s crystal figurines. Well, maybe not the figurines...I don’t like seeing grandma cry.

I love you always.

Little Angelina

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