Dry Leaves
Posted on October 16, 2017
Dry leaves fall
And flail in the wind,
Settling on the ground
As cooler air creeps in.

Dry leaves flirt
With squirrels in trees,
Hanging from dry branches,
Dangling endlessly.

Dry leaves inspire
All innocent minds
Into guessing which tree
Created its design.

Dry leaves crunch
As we stomp our feet
On man-made leaf mountains
Piled up along the street.

Dry leaves color
The grayest of days,
And save us from a gloomy,
Melancholic haze.

Dry leaves warn us
Of winter's swift dawn,
As we foolishly cherish
Our summer long gone.


  1. Lovely words. I want to go right out and stomp through some of those leaves!

    1. I ALWAYS stomp on leaf piles. It's the kid in me...


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