Life in Poetry, an IWSG Post
Posted on October 2, 2018
Happy First Wednesday of October! This is your monthly post for the Insecure Writer's Support Group (IWSG) bloghop, created by Alex J. Cavanaugh. I'm co-hosting alongside Dolorah @ Book LoverChristopher D. Votey, and Chemist Ken.

For those of you who don't know about the IWSG, we are a group of writers supporting one another in our writing endeavors in a judgement-free zone. We share tales of success, mischief, and woe, and encourage all types of writing from all over the world. Checkout our signup page to find out more.

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For October 2018, the question posted was: How do major life events affect your writing? Has writing ever helped you through something?

Of course!

I'm a poet, and I have written poetry all my life. I've written it when I was in love in high school, when my heart was broken, when I learned I was pregnant, when I got married, when my husband and I would have ground-shaking fights, and when a loved one has passed. These are like poetry triggers for me.

In researching for this post, I dusted off some old journals dating back 17 years when I had my daughter. I found TONS of poetry entries followed by a few paragraphs explaining what prompted them. There were poetry pieces on the triumphs and tribulations of first-time parents, relationship struggles, work stresses, and anything else having to do with having a baby. I was practically oozing poetry. About the time my daughter turned four, the "shock" of parenting wore off and the poetry paused, as did the journal entries.

Journaling is one of those things that dies down when life gets way too busy. Like working out, eating right, and meeting with friends for no reason -- life gets in the way. But when tragedy happens, I pick up a pen. In the 9/11 attacks where I lost a friend, when a cousin was murdered in Argentina during the economic crisis, and when my brother was stationed in Iraq during the war and we didn't hear from him for 3 months. I wrote Dulce Is Home when my mother in law passed away a few years ago, and it helped me and my husband cope.

But, I've also written poetry to celebrate the wonders of life and all its hopes and inspirations. And nothing has inspired me more than my kids. Below is a poem I wrote to my daughter just a few months after she was born. Finding it in my old journal entries has put a smile on my face today. I hope you enjoy it too.

Her Kingdom

I hope to teach my newborn daughter
How to survive in this crazy place;
To hold her head up strong and high
With dignity and grace;

To be armed with endless wit and charm
That no one can ignore;
To speak her thoughts, clear and loud,
To be heard as a thunderous roar;

To fight with words and not big fists,
For it will leave a more lasting effect;
To rule the world with the might of the right
And earn her opponent’s respect;

To live life free and adventurously,
And to take risks -- it's part of the scheme;
To never miss out on opportunities
That just might fulfill her dreams;

To forget about all those broken hearts
And love like she’s never been hurt;
To allow herself to get scared silly,
And train her senses to be fully alert;

To always look forward, never back;
To forgive but never forget;
To keep her conscious free of guilt,
And to live a life with little regret.

I pray that she'll wake up each day
With pure excitement of what's to be;
The world is hers for the taking;
It's her destiny.

@ Tanya Miranda

This little gem is graduating high school this year.
Time is cruel... 

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  1. WOW! My heart goes out to you in all you've been through. I used poetry when I was younger to get through hard times and to also share my feelings with my friends. I love this part of your poem to your daughter:
    "To fight with words and not big fists,
    For it will leave a more lasting effect;
    To rule the world with the might of the right
    And earn her opponent’s respect"

    She's one lucky little girl :)

  2. Time does fly! Life does get in the way of my writing too. But that's life, and it's okay. Great poem for your daughter.

  3. What a wonderful poem, writing with such care and love! I hope you share it with your daughter someday. Thank you for co-hosting IWSG.

  4. What a great keepsake to have those poems from your daughter’s infancy. It’s a blessing in some ways that kids grow up so fast, but it does make you want to hang on to some of the nice cuddly bits. I hope all our daughters will be heard in a “thunderous roar,” especially now.

  5. The shock of parenting wore off and the shock of having a toddler settled in. I don't miss those days! They are rough. Glad you've made it through so many trials. Poetry or writing in general can help us cope with the bad times.

  6. You have that special talent with your poetry for taking a troubling event and turning it into something beautiful.
    Thanks for co-hosting today.

  7. Aw, how sweet to find that poem as your daughter is about to launch into the world. I wish her strength and hope. Thanks for co-hosting!

  8. Absolutely beautiful. How wonderful that you have writing, especially poetry, to help you through all of life events, great and small, tragic and joyful!

    Mary at Play off the Page

  9. It is so good to express yourself in poetry. What you do with your voice in poetry, I usually do when I am writing an article on how I see and relate to things going on in the world.
    All the best and thanks for co-hosting.

    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G @ EverythingMustChange

  10. So, so sweet! I love poetry, and what a beautiful outlet for emotion! I'm a journaler too, but it's become my end-of-the-day routine. Before bed, I record what happened and how we feel about it. We've come to the point where someone has a question about our family history, and they say, "Okay, go get mom's journal." There are a few poems hiding in there too, but I love how you use poetry.

  11. I don't write poetry, but I can imagine what reading your old journal entries must have felt like.

    Thanks for co-hosting this month's IWSG!

  12. How wonderful! Oh my. Graduating already. Time does fly. Thanks for co-hosting today. :)

  13. I love that, Tanya. To me, that seems perfect for poetry. There is so much emotion in those lines without the rules and regs of a novel. Better than drinking when life takes a dip, don't you think?

  14. Lovely poetry. I'm always impressed by people who can condense feelings and express them so concisely and beautifully.

  15. Lovely poem, lovely baby! I wish you happy writing in October.

  16. What a beautiful poem. And, such a gift to your daughter and to the world. I forgot about my poems. Your post reminded me that I actually only write poetry when someone dies (for the service), gets married (part of the gift and card) or for birthdays. I always enjoy it and should do it more often. Thanks for co-hosting!

  17. Lovely poem. Our children grow up too fast. Enjoy the time with them. Thanks for cohosting this month.

  18. What a wonderful way to tackle life! And the poem is lovely.

  19. I wrote poetry when I was younger, but it's been a very long time since I tried my hand at it. The one you included here is lovely!

  20. A beautiful poem. I hope your daughter takes encouragement from it. Life is about to change immensely for her. Congratulations on graduation! Poetry is something I never got the hang of, but I can see how it would help with emotional upheavals.

    Thanks for cohosting this month. Good luck with all your endeavors.

  21. What a wonderful poem. Does she like it?
    I always wanted to write poetry but I never could. The closest I ever came to poetry is translating from Russian some of my favorite poems. And perhaps one or two limericks just for fun.

  22. We do tend to focus on how writing has helped us cope. We need to remember that we can also use it to celebrate! Way to keep it balanced!

  23. I've always used writing to cope with my life, too, the good and the bad, especially the bad. Thanks G-d we have it! @mirymom1 from
    Balancing Act

  24. Too right, time passes so quickly. I wonder if it passes faster when you have children, or does that matter? I too, find journaling comes and goes with the busy-ness of life. Thanks for co-hosting this month!

  25. Hi Tanya!
    That's a wonderful tribute to your daughter. You should have the poem framed and present it to her on her graduation day... or her 18th/21st birthday.
    Poetry is my first love... but has since been ousted by flash fiction. I'm actually out of touch with writing poems. *sigh*
    Thank you for co-hosting the IWSG this month.

  26. Thanks for co-hosting this month.
    I was really into poetry when I was younger, reading and writing it all the time. As I began to develope my love for long and short fiction, poetry drifted away. I never really had a talent for poetry but I still enjoy reading it sometimes. I adore the poem you wrote for your daughter and what a cute picture.

  27. What an amazing treasure to find your poetry journal, PLUS notes about what was going on at the time. I apologize for my tardy post. WiFi challenges at this end. Thank you for co-hosting this month.
    Lynn La Vita Writers Supporting Writers

  28. Sure can weave a great verse indeed. Time flies on by for us all.

  29. A beautiful poem that shows your love for your daughter. That's one thing that is so neat about poetry. In only a few words, your story is told. Nice. The years sure do pass in a hurry. Treasure each moment.

  30. So beautiful! I used to write poetry a lot but somewhere along the way I stopped for some reason. You've inspired me to dig out some of my old poems! And to try writing some new ones. Thank you!

  31. I wish I had the guts to read over old entries. So lovely. I think poetry is hardest to write. Thank you for sharing, and thanks for co-hosting!

  32. Childhood is such a wonderful time of our lives. There's nothing but positivity and hopes, a sense of wonder and determination - I must get to that level, and then I must get to the one next. I too am mother to a little girl and your poem speaks to me in so many ways for that reason. All the best to your daughter for her graduation.

  33. This is my first time here, Tanya. I'll follow your blog and connect with you online. What a beautiful and well-thought-out poem to your adorable daughter. All the luck with her. She'll grow much too fast. Thanks for co-hosting IWSG. All best to you!

  34. What a wonderful poem to write for your daughter. Have you shared it with her?

  35. My English teacher in 12th grade had the whole class writing poetry and I enjoyed it, but it didn't stick. I love your poem for your daughter and can't believe that my little one is now a high school freshman.


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