A Real Fan!?!? (IWSG)
Posted on May 5, 2021

One summer morning in 2018, my daughter and I went on a mother-daughter date to a popular pancake house in a nearby town. We went on a Tuesday to avoid the weekend crowds, and so that we wouldn't be rushed. The best mother-daughter conversations burst from binging on pancakes and coffee. 

And crepes. They have the most delicious fruit crepes.

So as we walked towards the entrance of the pancake house, two women walked out and one of them held the door open for us. That woman looked vaguely familiar, and after a few seconds I recognized her as a friend of my husband's cousin, whom I've met once or twice at one of her parties. I couldn't remember her name, so instead of calling her out, I just said, "Hey! You're Maite's friend, right?" (Maite is my husband's cousin.)

Then she said, "Oh my God! I was just talking about you!" She glanced over to her friend and then pointed her finger at me. "This is the author of the book I was telling you about!" She turns back to me. "I love your series! I just read the 2nd book and..."

She introduced me to her friend who said she couldn't wait to read my book. We shook hands and talked a bit more, and at this point I didn't dare ask for her name. It would have definitely ruined the moment. 

The rest of the conversation is a blissful blur, but what I do remember was feeling intense heat on my face. I recall mumbling a couple of thank-you's and smiling a lot more than what seemed normal. They asked me about the "next" book, and I told them I was still working on it, and then off-handedly told them to sign up on my website so I can let them know when it comes out. I do recall feeling sheepish about that, but what else was I supposed to do? I never met a real fan before, at least one that wasn't related to me or a friend who might "love" my book to be supportive. This was a real fan!

Once they left, my daughter and I walked into the pancake house and sat down at the first available table. I was still smiling, and my daughter giggled. She told me I had a goofy look on my face.

"That's has never happened to me before." I said.

"Mom," my daughter said, "that was pretty cool. She's a real fan."

The rest of the morning is hazy in my recollection. I was just so astonished that someone who isn't a friend or family would say anything to me about my books in person. Direct communication has only happened over social media and emails, and the few reviews I have are pretty disconnected -- still, I love them and welcome them all. But, for someone who was practically a stranger to come up to me and say something so positive... well, it's a whole different feeling. 

And in front of my daughter, that's was just a bonus. :-D

~ * ~

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  1. What a wonderful story! And it happened in front of your daughter. That's very special. I'm glad you're sharing this story, Tanya. Happy IWSG Day.

  2. What a lovely memory! And even better that your daughter experienced it with you. It's things like that which make writing worth it.

    1. Absolutely! And now my son talks about me to his teachers, and shows them my books on Amazon. It crazy the influence your kids have on you...

  3. What a gorgeous story! The pancakes sounded great and drew me in, then by the end of the post I had my own goofy smile! Thanks for sharing! Happy IWSG Day :)

  4. So cool. Actual in person proof your work has legs. This post got me inspired. It also made me hungry. Happy IWSG Day!

    1. It totally inspired me to keep writing! Happy IWSG!

  5. That is such a great memory! And so cool that it will always be attached to fruit crepes - I love those little triggers.

    1. I LOOOOOOOOVE fruit crepes. It’s a weakness I’ve decided to accept and enjoy. 😝

  6. Such a cool story and how special for you and your daughter both! I loved this, thanks for sharing!

  7. A moment like that can make all the difference and I'm sure it buoys you up when writing is tough. Great story.

    1. Totally. Whenever I feel doubt about my writing, I remember that day.


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