I'm 40. It's No Big Thing.
Posted on July 7, 2015
My 40th birthday came and went, quietly, like a white feather gliding along the current of a mild summer wind. Did you see it? No? Well it was there, I swear!

I went to breakfast with my parents, did some construction shopping for the renovations I'm doing to the house, went to my daughter's softball game, and then went home with a throbbing headache the likes I haven't had in years. Took some Advil, ordered out, and then I went to sleep.

Pretty anti-climactic, right? Well, here's the thing. I'm incredibly superstitious about celebrating my own good fortune. I don't want to celebrate too loudly because The Fates might hear. Don't know who they are? Check this link to learn all about them. I was really into Greek Mythology when I was a kid and it stuck to me ever since. Just the idea of their imaginary existence gives me shivers.

** chuckles nervously **

I mean, The Fates are a lovely bunch of goddesses. No need to change anything ladies. Everything is good here.


So, as a result of devouring Greek Mythology as truth when I was a kid, I've grown up to be more low key about birthday celebrations than most. And, since 40 was a big one, to me it was one of the ones I had to keep the most shushed.

But, this post isn't about my silly neurosis, it's about how people are afraid of getting older. Yeah, it's scary but I'm not going to worry about it. Talk about wasting time and energy on something you have no control over. Own it, damn it! I'm 40. So freaking what?!?!?

And just because I'm older, that doesn't mean I'm old. It's still me, just another day older. I run like I did last year, and I play softball and soccer with my kids like last year, I'm still writing, and I do pretty much everything the same as I did last year. I feel strong and healthy ... I feel freaking awesome!

Shush shush shhh..... ** looks both ways **  

I love The Fates! They totally rock!


To conclude this rant I'll provide an anecdote. This past weekend, someone asked me, "How does it feel to be 40?" I replied by shrugging my shoulders and saying, "No difference, really." Because, I really didn't notice a change between July 2nd and July 3rd or even July 4th.

His reply? He widened his eyes and said, "I can't imagine being 40. I'm dreading it."

Really? I mean... Really? Of all the things to be scared of in the world, turning 40 frightens you?

I thought it was an odd comment to make considering he's only a handful of years away. Odd, and a bit a-hole of him. I mean, I'm cool with being older, but if I wasn't and I was freaking out and having some kind of nervous breakdown, how obnoxious would that have sounded? I'm sure he was just joking, but part of me feels he was serious. You know how some jokes are funny because there's a truth behind them... well, I think this was one of those jokes.

And then he went on to talk about how he's "already" feeling old.

Please. That's just you buddy. That has nothing to do with turning 40.

Anyway, I guess the message is, keep a level head about growing older. Exercise your mind and your body, because your body needs more than just your brain to stay strong and healthy. And for fuck sake, be nice to people. No one will care about what awards you earned or how much money you made after you're dead -- they will only remember how you treated them.

Trust me. I will remember his comment for years to come. It will live in infamy.

The Fates RULE!


  1. Happy birthday! As I was telling my partner just last night (who's turning 40 later this year), it's a good number, nice and round. He didn't seem to share my enthusiasm, hehe.

    Age is a weird thing for some people, but I'm inclined to agree with you. Why freak out over something you can't change? Every birthday is a cause for celebration. It's one more year having walked this earth. It's another year to look forward to. What's not to like in that?

    And I have a similar superstition. Not so much involved with birthdays, but whenever I say something that I feel is testing the Fates, destiny, the universe, or whatever, I have to knock on something. One is supposed to knock on wood on such occasions, but I feel the act of knocking on anything at hand is enough. It's acknowledging the "I don't want to screw this up!" factor hehe.

    1. I knock on wood, metal, concrete, my head... anything that will take a knocking. It's also in South American cultures. I wonder where that superstition originated. It seems to span the world. Hmmmm....

  2. I hate birthdays, and so does my husband. I knew he was the one for me when we both agreed that we shouldn't celebrate birthdays. So normally we'll go out to eat somewhere kind of expensive (but we're also sometimes cheap :) and then have some form of sugar. That's pretty much it, and I love it.

    But I agree with you, I'm kind of shocked that whoever was talking to you feared turning forty so much. I mean, really? 40? That's like the prime of life. I want to run a marathon for my 40th birthday. I want to celebrate because hell yeah! I made it to forty!

    So good for you, Tanya. I sure like your brain.

    1. Thanks! And crazy how some people fear the strangest things, right? Some people are old before they are actually old. Not me. Give me bubble gum and I'm blowing monster bubbles. I'll blow bubbles until I'm eighty. Yup. I'm going to be THAT old lady. :-P

  3. Happy birthday, and good for you on not whining about how old you're getting.

    1. I'm a grownup now (I think) so no whining for me. :-P

  4. Happy Birthday! You're only as old as you feel. We are blessed to live in a time to be educated about health risks & preventive measures. The importance of good nutrition & being fitness conscience. We are living longer, healthy lives because of these improvements. 40 is the new 20, but you have an advantage ~ life experience. I will be 54 in December. I celebrate every day given to me. I'm proactive in maintaining a youthful, glowing appearance and daily exercise to keep my weight in check, boost my mood, and a score of other benefits that come with an active lifestyle. Life is too short to worry about getting old. It's inevitable unless the alternative gets you first. So, the next time this dude bellyaches about dreading the big four o then remind him how lucky he is to be alive and in good health when so many others (sometimes a whole younger) would give anything to have what any one of us have. The bottom line is, it's okay to celebrate your good fortune and to share this with others because I think age is a bit of taboo, especially with women and it shouldn't be so. I know I'm getting older, but I don't feel old or act old and apparently I don't look my age. I've met people who genuinely seem shocked to find out how old I am. Maybe, they are being kind and then maybe it's true. I guess it really doesn't matter because I still feel great regardless. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TANYA! May you be blessed with many, many more! ;)

    She's pretty as a picture #FlashbackFriday

    1. You are so right about that Cathy. Every day is a gift. Life passes way too quickly to worry about things you cannot change. Just yesterday I was 21 and - I blinked and now I'm 40. My life is different that what I expected, but I still have it and I love and appreciate it.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes! :-D

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! When I turned 40, I felt like you did — no big change. Life doesn't stop at 40. Life should be embraced no matter what your age. Just get out there and live it. Have a great weekend!


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