A-Z Challenge 2015
My theme for this year's A-Z Challenge was: A glimpse into the lives of young fictional characters.

For every letter, I created short story with a new young character, completely unrelated to any other character in the challenge, with different backgrounds, back stories, and situations. I covered an array of genres including contemporary, horror, fantasy, humor, thriller/suspense, and post apocalyptic. 

I tried paranormal, but I actually scared myself and couldn't complete the story. **shivers** It was deleted. 

Below are the entries. Check out all of my shorts. Each character is immersed in a different world. You'll love them all, I promise!

A : Alvaro Speaks 
B : Benito And The Last Orange Juice
C : Corina's Last Night As A Princess 
D : Dante's Tree 
E : Emilio's Going Pro
F : Filomena's Chore 
G, H, I : Galder, Hernan And Ivan Are Out Of Control 
J : Janina And The Genie 
K : Kenzi Finds Her Match 
L : Leandro's Destiny 
M : Myrna's Vengeance 
N : Nina And The Pink Pig 
O : Octavio's First Day At Junior High
P : Piper's Spirit 
Q : Qinadi And Her Gods 
R, S : Ricardo And Sebastian Fight To The Death 
T : Talia Says Goodbye
U : Uzi And Bullets 
V : Victoria Prepares To Meet Her Prince
W : Wynona Learns The Truth 
X : Xavier's Promise 
Y : Ynes Looked 
Z : Zulema's Bright Future 

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