Celebrations Friday & A-Z Summary
Posted on April 30, 2015
First things first, lets celebrate the small things this past week (or two):
  • Spring is finally here. My budding roses are proof, and so are my allergies. Zyrtec, I bow down to you...
  • Soccer and softball have taken over my evenings and weekends. Love being outside!
  • I'm assistant coach for my daughter's softball team, and I coached my first game last Sunday, solo. We lost, but I had loads of fun.
  • My manuscript is back from line edits. Another round of proofing and I'm done. 
  • A-Z is over. I'm both elated and deflated. (A summary is down below.)

A-Z Complete. Time to boogie!

The signup is closed temporarily, but you can still visit other bloggers who are celebrating the small stuff.

A-Z Summary:

This was my first time participating in the A-Z Challenge, and I had loads of fun. My theme was: "A glimpse into the lives of young fictional characters." This means I created a new character for every single letter. It was hard work. I didn't prepare. I had decided on the theme while vacationing in Spain, on March 31st. I wrote Alvaro Speaks and I never looked back.

I won't lie, there were times where I thought I would give up because I fell behind. The trip home from Spain, getting back into the routine, and just catching up on things that were put on hold for vacation costed me to fall back a couple of days. On the 10th, I decided to combine G, H, and I into a single entry and I create a cute story of three brothers getting in trouble. I felt rejuvenated. I was determined to finish. And when I did, this was me:

I want to thank all of you who read, shared, and commented on my stories.  You guys totally rock! 

Check out all of my shorts. Each character is immersed in a different world. You'll love them all, I promise!

A : Alvaro Speaks (Middle Grade Contemporary)

B : Benito And The Last Orange Juice (Middle Grade Contemporary)

C : Corina's Last Night As A Princess ( Middle Grade Fantasy)

D : Dante's Tree (Make Believe)

E : Emilio's Going Pro (Young Adult Contemporary)

F : Filomena's Chore (Fantasy)

G, H, I : Galder, Hernan And Ivan Are Out Of Control (Middle Grade Contemporary)

J : Janina And The Genie (Middle Grade Fantasy)

K : Kenzi Finds Her Match (Middle Grade Contemporary)

L : Leandro's Destiny (Young Adult, Thriller/Suspense)

M : Myrna's Vengeance (Young Adult, Medieval)

N : Nina And The Pink Pig (Make Believe)

O : Octavio's First Day At Junior High (Middle Grade Contemporary)

P : Piper's Spirit (Thriller/Suspense, Horror)

Q : Qinadi And Her Gods (Young Adult Fantasy / Sci-fi)

R, S : Ricardo And Sebastian Fight To The Death (Middle Grade Contemporary)

T : Talia Says Goodbye (Middle Grade Contemporary)

U : Uzi And Bullets (Make Believe)

V : Victoria Prepares To Meet Her Prince (Middle Grade Medieval)

W : Wynona Learns The Truth (Middle Grade Contemporary)

X : Xavier's Promise (Middle Grade Fantasy)

Y : Ynes Looked (Young Adult, Thriller/Suspense, Horror)

Z : Zulema's Bright Future (Post Apocalyptic)


  1. Lovely post. Congrats Tanya for nailing the challenge and keep the fun going:)

  2. I, too, am happy that Spring is here. Congrats on completing the A-Z Challenge. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Looks like Spring doesn't know it's actually Spring, because it felt like summer these past two days. :-( Thanks for stopping by Marilyn!

  3. Congrats on completing the A-Z! That's a huge accomplishment! Yay for coaching your daughter's team, and good luck with the proofing. Have a great weekend! :)

  4. Spring's arriving? Oh lovely. Mean's winter's heading my way. ;-)

    1. Sorry. :-1 But I hear winter is beautiful in South Africa? I hear EVERYTHING is beautiful in South Africa.

  5. Sympathies with the allergies hope its not too bad. Congrats on completing A-Z.

    1. It's like you wait all year for flowers, and then when they get here they're killing you! Oy vey!

  6. Congrats on completing!! I loved the stories I read and the characters I met on your blog - and will catch up on some more. Enjoy spring and keep writing:-)

    1. Thanks Eli! I've enjoyed your posts as well. Great meeting you on the A-Z Challenge! :-D

  7. I have missed reading your stories during AtoZ, but your theme looks interesting. Hoping to catch up now. Congrats on completing the challenge.

    1. Thanks Shanaya! You'll love them! I'm sure of it!


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